Grassette & associates…..Helping our clients to get to where the Grass Is Greener!

Grassette & Associates…Helping our Clients to Get to Where the Grass IS Greener! At Grassette & Associates we have always believed that it is not enough to simply strive to be the best or aspire to something greater. Rather than strive or aspire, one must BE GREATER, BE BETTER. It is with this mindset and dedication to exemplary customer service that the attorneys at Grassette & Associates represent their clients. Whether it is going the extra mile to call a client back as soon as possible, answering text message after hours, or proactively sending an email regarding a potential issue before it actually arises, Grassette & Associates never settles for adequate or sufficient. Our goal, as a boutique real estate law practice, is to represent our clients as if we ourselves would like to be represented.
At Grassette & Associates, we believe that it is simply not possible to be the best at everything, and with this in mind, rather than seeking to represent our clients in any and all matters, we have tailored our practice to represent our clients in their real estate matters and those directly relating to their home purchases and sales. We have consciously arranged our legal practice in this manner to allow us to confidently proclaim that we are better, that it is in fact possible for the Grass to be Greener, and to gain a client for life.

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Spring in New England

Jun, 15, 2017 grassette Events News 0 Comments

It is Springtime in beautiful New England and the Branford Green is alive with vibrant color! Check out these other beautiful New England coastal towns and remember to contact us when you are ready to buy your New England dream home!


Yankee Magazine’s “10 Prettiest Coastal Town in New England”