Other Practice Areas

Probate Administration

After the death of a loved one, the intricacy and daunting nature of the probate administration process can oftentimes intensify and increase the stress associated with an already traumatic and devastating experience. The probate process involves the collection of assets, payment of debt, and distribution of remaining effects amongst the legal heirs of someone who has passed away. In recognition of the difficulties surrounding these situations, the attorneys at Grassette & Associates work to help our clients to navigate through the probate process, while providing emotional support and understanding. We offer flexible hours and continuous communication throughout the process to ensure that the families that we work with are able to obtain the closure and support necessary to allow for them to grieve for their family members and address other matters of importance while resting assured that the probate process is being handled professionally and efficiently by our attorneys and staff members. Grassette & Associates offers the following probate services:

  • Drafting and Filing of Probate Documents, including Inventories and Accountings
  • State and Federal Tax Returns
  • Attendance of Probate Court Hearings
  • Probate Disputes and Litigation
  • Conservator Appointment and Challenges
  • Petition for Guardianship

Estate Planning

At Grassette & Associates, our attorneys understand that a properly drafted and executed Last Will and Testament is the first line of defense to allow our clients to plan for and protect their family and loved-ones and ensure that final wishes are carried out after the unthinkable occurs. It is armed with this understanding, paired with sincere empathy regarding the common anxieties surrounding the complexities of the estate planning process, that Grassette & Associates works on behalf of our clients to make the experience of estate planning as simple and care-free as possible. We do this by fully explaining the process and all available options to clients in a friendly and supportive manner. To encourage the ease of process, and integrate needed services into busy schedules, Grassette & Associates works with clients to handle many aspects of the estate planning process electronically, through questionnaires, emails, via conference calls, and internet meetings. It is from working with clients over the years and witnessing firsthand how the lack of an estate plan or an inadequately drafted plan can impact matters after the death of a loved one, that makes our attorneys uniquely capable of helping our clients to plan for their futures and to take the steps necessary to protect their hard-earned savings to allow their families to carry on after a loss. In order to fully satisfy our clients’ estate planning needs, Grassette & Associates offers the following services:

  • Preparation and Execution of Last Wills and Testaments
  • Preparation and Execution of Advance Directives/ Living Wills
  • Establishment of Living and Testamentary Trusts
  • Preparation and Execution of Powers of Attorney